Makeup Revolution palette look and review!

Hey y’all. I had been seeing some things on other blogs about the brand Makeup Revolution. I had seen some lip kits and some eyeshadow palettes, but this one really caught my eye. It’s called the Fortune Favours the Brave palette.

There are matte, shimmer, and marbled shades in this palette. I did a complete look with it as you can see.

Here are some of the swatches, not all.

blog 46

The reason I didn’t swatch all was because the matte shades blended in with my skin tone. I also wanted to show off some of the shimmers and marbled colors.

So, here’s my verdict:

  • The palette is pretty and has lots of shades for the price. 30 shades total. It also comes with a brush.
  • The pan sizes are pretty tiny, so this may not last a long time if you’re going to make this an everyday palette.
  • The transition shades are okay, but I was really looking for a burnt orange matte shade and this palette just didn’t have it. However, I think some of their other palettes have more warm transition shades.
  • The matte shades are not as pigmented as the shimmer and marble shades. I really had to go in a few times to get them to show up.
  • The shimmers and marbled shades are my favorite. I would use the palette for these.
  • Overall a pretty decent palette for the price.

Thanks for reading everyone. If you have any questions or ideas, please comment!



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