$1 makeup y’all!

hey guys! Today I wanted to do a review on my $1 MAKEUP I found! I originally saw a post from Laura Lee reviewing some $1 makeup on her channel. She had some luck with it, so I thought I would give it a try and let you all know what I thought.

The website is Shop Miss A and literally all the makeup is $1! What a deal!

So here are all of the products I ordered. I got 2 liquid lipsticks (one matte, one metallic), eyeshadow glitter, an eyeshadow trio, and a fan brush.

blog 40

The fan brush is actually really awesome. It’s super soft and picked up my highlighter well. It applied the product well, but I feel like a smaller brush would put my highlighter right where I wanted it for a more precise application.

The eyeshadow swatches and glitter is below. The swatches were not that bad, guys. It applied really well to my lids, too. The eyeshadow is not too powdery either. I approve! The glitter is a really pretty color, as well. I applied eyelash glue and then applied the glitter, and it did NOT come off easily. I do feel like the colors looked a little different online than what I got in the mail. But for $1, I’m cool with it.

blog 39

Lastly, the lipsticks. The one I have on in the picture is the matte shade, called “likes”. The formula is pretty great for being only $1. The lipstick itself is thin, but a couple of coats is all it takes to make the coverage completely opaque. The formula isn’t too drying, either.  The metallic shade is bomb, too. The shade is called “candy”. Will definitely be wearing again! (don’t mind the left over glitter on my hand)

blog 41

I would definitely recommend Miss A for some affordable makeup products. I literally paid $1 for each item and the shipping was around $3.50. It also took less than a week to arrive! What a great find! Let me know what you all think, and if you have any affordable makeup sites to try!

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