Younique product test and rewiew!

Hey y’all. I have been trying my best to upload another post, but work has been off the chain. BUT I’m glad I finally have time to site down and get a chance to talk to you!

Oooookay, so I’ve never really tried out Younique products before, and I think that’s because I never really knew anyone that sold them. Butttt, my friend Taighlor started selling it and she’s doing really well. So I got some products to try and review for you guys if you’re interested in trying it out as well! Visit
Taighlor’s site to shop! She’ll hook you up!

So I have the completed looks uploaded already. It turned out greatttttt. I posted the products on my Instagram, and I didn’t get to put the liquid lipstick on for this look because it didn’t really match, but I will swatch and review it after this.

blog 7

So here are the swatches of the Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette. This is palette 4. It comes with 7 shades. 4 are matte and 3 are shimmer. Once my brush dipped into these and I used them on my eyes, they have a lottttt of pigment. I’ve heard that these palettes last forever because a little goes a long way. (by the way the lightest shade is a shimmer and doesn’t show up well on my arm because i’m super pale right now, but it’s a bomb brow highlight and inner corner shade) “arrogant” and “brave” were my transition and crease colors, “secretive” went on my lid, “cheerful” went on my outer corner, and a mix of “cheerful” and “triumphant” went on my lower lash line.

blog 11


Next are the Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders. These are loose pigments and I really like these! I used the orange shade as my transition along with the shade “arrogant” from the palette.

blog 12

And finally is the Touch a la mode Cream to Powder Luminizer. YALL I’m buying more shades because this is BOMB. This is in shade “Benevolent” which is a golden frost. These are in stick form and I literally took the stick and drew on my face and just buffed it out with a brush and they turn into powder highlights! Great for collar bones too! I’m in love!

Here is the final look! Hope you all enjoyed! Leave me some feedback whether you liked this, and what else you’d like to see!



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